About the Art

"I experience life as pure joy.  My artwork is that joy measured in paint strokes." --Bret "Angel" Dealey Angel With His Wife Val

What You'll Experience

Technique Close-up Each authentic Angel creation comes alive with color and textures in landscapes so undeniably real it seems like you can step right into them.  Rich blues, greens, yellow-golds, reds and shades of lavender dance across the canvases.  Lively strokes with a brush and richly textured color applied with a painting knife characterize Angel's unique style.  This combined use of brushes and a knife create a lifelike scene that you can touch...and that will touch you.


"As an impassioned world traveler, the beauty I perceive emerges as the subject of my paintings." Angel Sketching at Roman Coliseum


Traveling to countries across the globe such as Italy, Morocco and the continental United States, Angel finds inspiration for his landscape themes.  Each graceful portrayal is conceived from his interpretation of his travels and tendered as romantic watersides, luminous town scenes and serene country settings.


Every hand-painted Angel original offers impeccable workmanship that is personally guaranteed by the artist himself.  Using the finest pigments with high light-fast ratings and a UV protective varnish, the colors will never turn or fade, even in direct sunlight.

Unique and Personalized

All Angel landscape paintings are hand-signed, with personal inscriptions available upon request.  Your painting is framed and ready for hanging in a museum-quality hardwood frame finished in elegant gold leaf.

As an enduring expression of your personal values and taste, a painting by Angel will add a new level of sophistication to your decor.  Whether you're presenting your painting in an office, dining room or above the living room sofa, a painting by Angel is an experience you'll enjoy for years to come.

A Continuing Journey

Angel and Val, his wife of fourteen years, travel the globe together looking for exquisite beauty that can be captured on canvas.  Val as photographer snaps still images of their travels, while Angel sketches on location the scene that will later be the beginnings of an Angel original oil painting.

Keep In Touch

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